For its 10th anniversary, HEAD – Genève is hosting the International Conference Narratives of a Near Future which addresses the challenges that the next generation will have to meet by crossing, in an innovative way, viewpoints of artists, designers and scholars.

Designed as a real forum, Narratives of a Near Future features talks, screenings, performances and exhibition spaces in the new campus buildings. How do artists, designers and scholars envision the future? Arguing for a transdisciplinary approach, the programme of Narratives of a Near Future revolves around four central themes:

Rewind Forward examines our relationship with the past, the present and the future from a methodological and ontological point of view.

Inhabit the Anthropocene explores the current and future relations between human beings and their environment, the challenges posed by the preservation of natural resources, migratory movements and changes in technology.

Decoding/Recoding focuses on the coming changes in the economy, knowledge and forms of both intelligence and control related to the widespread digitization.

Collective Super Egos tackles body issues: its hybridisations with technologies, its representations and its more and more fluid identities.