Marie Velardi is a Swiss artist, living and working in Geneva and Paris. Her artistic approach is multifaceted, addressing the way in which different temporalities connect together, i.e. how the short and the long term or the present, the past and possible futures relate to each other. She has produced “Les Futurs Antérieurs, XXIe siècle / Future Perfect, 21st Century” (2006), a book over five metres long published in French and English that tells the story of the 21st century, based on sci-fi films and books; “Atlas des îles perdues, Edition 2107” (2007) with ink drawings of islands that will be submerged by the rising water levels by 2107 and a series of groundwater- and shifting territory-related works, “Aquifers” and “Renewal Time” (2012-2013). Her work has been presented in Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, the USA, the UK, India and Thailand. In 2014-2015, she was one of three artists to represent Switzerland at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India.

Artistic proposition

“Lettre de Terre-Mer” (Letter from Land-Sea)
Reading and slide show by Marie Velardi

Terre-Mer (“Land-Sea”) is an ongoing project that focuses on both past and future shifting coastlines, and on the relationship between land and sea. It follows field experiments carried out by Marie Velardi in France, Scotland, India, Thailand, Italy and the Netherlands. Based on encounters and conversations with coastal residents, questioning living conditions with the sea and how human beings live with uncertainty and hazards, Marie wrote a Letter from Land-Sea. The project has also led to other productions, including watercolour cartographic paintings representing coastal areas: Where the sea once was and where it could come back to, linking memories of land through old historical maps with simulations of rising seas in the future. This method of representing the land does not correspond to the usual distinction between land and sea with a coastline. In her paintings, the coastline is thicker, representing an in-between area, where the land and the sea interact and connect, where the past could meet with possible futures.

Marie Velardi’s Land-Sea project has received the support of and a grant from the City of Geneva (FMAC).